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Eval4Action belongs to you, whether you are an individual or represent a network or an institution. 

Wherever you are, you can support, commit and lead the campaign to bolster dialogue and action for stronger national evaluation capacities to achieve the SDGs. Let’s coordinate, expand and join our efforts to put Eval4Action in motion.


Help us tell the world why strong evaluation is a building block for achieving the SDGs. Use the materials in the Resources section to spread the word on Eval4Action on your social media channels. Be sure to check back regularly for new materials on these platforms.


Announce your commitment to accelerate progress on evaluation capacities and use of evaluations in policy-making. Commitments can be individual or institutional. You can share your commitment on social media through a video.

Tag three individuals or institutions you want to invite to join the campaign and challenge them to make a public commitment. You can even make a public commitment in a conference or meeting. Use the assets in the Resources section to share your commitment with the world.

The #Eval4Action commitment drive takes place from 19 to 23 October 2020.  


Launch and take ownership of the campaign in your country and region, to strengthen your on-going action for stronger national evaluation capacities.

Amplify the demand for strong evaluation by connecting to other public mobilization campaigns in your country or region, such as local campaigns on SDGs implementation, gender equality, climate change, among others.


Connect to the Voluntary National Review (VNR) process in your country to advocate for stronger use of evaluative evidence in the national VNR report.


In your network or institution, integrate Eval4Action in your work processes for stronger advocacy for evaluation capacities.

Express your interest to join the campaign by emailing contact@eval4action.org, and by filling in

this form.  The Eval4Action team will get in touch with you to explore possible synergies.


Influential evaluation.

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Better policies.

Better results.

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