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Fifth EvalYouth Virtual Conference

The 5th EvalYouth Virtual Conferenc, organized by EvalYouth Task Force III, took place on 21 November 2020 on the theme "Evaluation for Transformation and Social Change". The event was attended by about 170 participants.

The virtual conference aimed to build the evaluation capabilities of young and emerging evaluators, and at the same time provide a relevant forum for the evaluation community and interested professionals at large.

The conference included contributions from prominent thought leaders, scholars, and experts in the evaluation field including Marco Segone, Andrea Cook, Rakesh Mohan, Alison Evans, Donna Mertens, Thomas Archibald, Michele Tarsilla, Florencia Tateossian, Jyotsna Puri, and others. The conference also marked the 5th anniversary of the EvalYouth Global Network.

The event concluded with the announcement of the first EvalYouth 'Transformative Evaluator' Award that was received by Marco Segone and Michael Quinn Patton.

Real time translation in Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian were available at the virtual conference. The event recording can be viewed in five languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian.

Event programme


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