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Eval4Action regional communication hubs launched

To step up capacities and networks on evaluation communications, Eval4Action with regional VOPEs and EvalYouth regional chapters, have launched volunteer-driven communication hubs in all seven regions. The hubs comprise of nearly 50 volunteers, with young and emerging evaluators in the lead.

The regional communication hubs will provide communication and outreach support to Eval4Action’s global advocacy initiatives. They will also provide communication support to the regional partners to implement the regional evaluation action plan and expand evaluation advocacy at regional, national and grass-root levels.

The regional communication hubs were launched following the success of the pilot Asia Pacific Communications (APC) Hub, established in 2020. The APC Hub was initiated by the Asia Pacific Evaluation Association in the context of the Eval4Action campaign, to support regional communication and outreach on influential evaluation.

A global meeting to kick off the regional communication hubs took place on 10 March 2022. A communications training for the hubs, based on a needs assessment survey, took place on 25 April 2022. These efforts will help build greater communication capacities among regional evaluation networks and Eval4Action partners, to increase strategic communication, mobilization and advocacy for national evaluation capacities.

For further information on the hubs, write to


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