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Asia Pacific Evaluation Association launches resources to build evaluation capacities

The Asia Pacific Regional Evaluation Strategy launched by Asia Pacific Evaluation Association, EvalYouth Asia and the Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation – South Asia is implementing eight themes led by volunteers. The eight themes are focused on professionalization of evaluation, partnership, community ownership, strengthening evaluation associations, capacity building of young and emerging evaluators, engaging parliamentarians, promoting national evaluation policies and systems and use of evaluation for delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Four thematic groups involved with the strategy implementation have released resource materials and a survey report that will help to further professionalize evaluation and promote national evaluation policies and systems. These resource materials were released as part of the Eval4Action Walk The Talk video drive, as a concrete action to advance influential evaluation. The resource materials are available for free use.

Professionalization of evaluation

Using evaluation to report on the SDGs

Promoting national evaluation policies and systems

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