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Standards for enhancing meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation

The standards provide practical guidance and pathways for organizations of all types to initiate and advance the meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation. The standards also serve as an accountability mechanism for the delivery of the commitments in the Youth in Evaluation manifesto. However, regardless of whether an organization has signed the manifesto, all interested organizations are encouraged to use the standards to strengthen their capacity and practice to engage youth in all phases of evaluation. 


The standards are structured around six dimensions: leadership and accountability; practice; advocacy and capacity development; knowledge management and communications; human resources; and financial resources. It also includes a guide and rating scale for assessing the implementation of the standards. 


Given the unique contexts of stakeholders, specific standards have been developed for six stakeholder groups: academia, governments, international organizations, the private sector, VOPEs and youth organizations. The standards were co-created by intergenerational stakeholder task forces, and launched in April 2023 at the Youth in Evaluation week.

The self-assessment of the standards should be shared with Eval4Action campaign annually by 31 March each year. Learn how you can self-assess and share your results.

If you are interested in joining a relevant task force to advance the uptake of the standards, find more information here. To express your organization’s interest in using the standards, fill this form.

On 7 November 2023, a virtual event convened a dialogue on the practical use and application of the standards, following lessons from a recent UNFPA experience on meaningful youth engagement in evaluation. Learn more

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