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Call to contribute to the uptake of Youth in Evaluation standards

Developed by six intergenerational and multi-stakeholder task forces and launched during Youth in Evaluation week in April 2023, standards for enhancing meaningful youth engagement in evaluation target six stakeholder groups: academia, governments, international organizations, the private sector, VOPEs, and youth organizations.

The task forces are advancing further uptake of the standards by mobilizing the wider evaluation community and raising awareness of the standards. They also provide guidance for the self-assessment of the standards and identify Youth in Evaluation champions.

Quick overview of the standards

Building momentum through partnerships is key to the wide adoption of the standards. The task forces and Eval4Action co-leaders invite interested stakeholders, including Eval4Action partners, regional evaluation leaders and young and emerging evaluators to join a relevant stakeholder task force. If you are interested in guiding, contributing, and supporting the roll-out of the standards, write to

If you would like to express your organization’s interest in using the standards, please fill this form.


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