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  • Eval4Action sub-regional consultation in East and South East Asia

    The fourth Eval4Action sub-regional consultation was held in East and South East Asia on 25 June 2021, marking one year of the launch of the Eval4Action campaign in the Asia Pacific. The consultation was organized by MONEV Studio, Indonesian Development Evaluation Community, Philippines Evaluators for Development, Mongolian Evaluation Network in partnership with Asia Pacific Evaluation Association, EvalYouth Asia, SPINE and the Asia Pacific Communication Hub. At the consultation, eight commitments were made by evaluation stakeholders to accelerate influential evaluation. The consultation concluded with specific actions required to strengthen national evaluation capacities, such as: Promote National Evaluation Policies and use of evaluation in national policy making Capacity building of evaluators and governments in the region in order to conduct evaluations on the issues of national importance Support the academia to develop and conduct M&E courses Enhance country-led evaluations by increasing the ownership and involvement of local partners These prioritized actions will shape the development of a sub-regional evaluation action plan. The speakers at the event included Benedictus Dwiagus Stepantoro (Chair, InDEC), Iwan Febryanto (Head, Social Outreach and Capacity Building, MONEV Studio), Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office), Gabriela Renteria Flores (Chair, EvalYouth Global Network), Andrea Cook (Co-chair, EvalPartners) and Dorothy Mae Albiento (Co-leader, EvalYouth Asia). This consultation, together with the sub-regional consultation in South Asia, have ushered in a new phase of evaluation advocacy in the region which is enhancing local action for influential evaluation. For further details, watch the consultation recording.

  • Eval4Action Newsletter #12

    Read updates on the campaign activities and news from partners around the world. If you would like to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox, sign up to receive Eval4Action updates here. As an individual advocate or a partner network, if you have news or information to share with the Eval4Action community, please write to

  • Eval4Action sub-regional consultation in South Asia

    On 16 June 2021, the Eval4Action third sub-regional consultation was held in South Asia to accelerate influential evaluation to support the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This sub-regional consultation is a follow up to the Eval4Action Asia regional consultation held in June 2020. The consultation provided a platform to VOPE leaders, evaluators, parliamentarians, public officials, young and emerging evaluators and other stakeholders to discuss evaluation priorities that can support the achievement of the SDGs in South Asia. The priorities emerging from the sub-regional consultation will input to the South Asian evaluation action plan for SDG delivery. The main priorities emerging from the consultation include: Ensure timely delivery of SDGs in South Asia through robust M&E systems Ensure use of evidence in Voluntary National Reviews Enhance communication of evaluation results to promote the use of evaluation Strengthen capacities and competencies of evaluators The consultation was organized by the Community of Evaluators–South Asia (CoE-SA) in partnership with the Eval4Action campaign. The speakers at the event included Chelladurai Solomon (Chairperson, CoE-SA), AK Shiva Kumar (Development Economist and Policy Advisor, India), Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office), Gabriela Renteria Flores (Chair, EvalYouth Global Network), Sonal Zaveri (Board Member, CoE-SA), Jigmi Rinzin (former Member of Parliament, Bhutan) and Antony Cyriac (Deputy Director General, NITI Aayog India). For further details, watch the sub-regional consultation recording.

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  • Home | Eval4Action campaign to accelerate progress on the SDGs

    about #Eval4Action The Decade of EVALUATION for Action, also known as the Eval4Action campaign, calls upon all actors, everywhere to accelerate the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals, by advocating for stronger evaluation capacities and evidence-based policies. The Decade of #Eval4Action is now! Find out more influential evaluation. better decisions. better policies. better results. get involved latest Highlights 1-31 October 2021 Video drive #Eval4Action is a SDG Good Practice #Eval4Action Sub-regional and national consultations Dreaming for a better future is possible By Gabriela Rentería Flores Chair, EvalYouth Global Network #Eval4Action Newsletter #12 Subscribe now events tracker Datawrapper

  • Commitments | Eval4Action

    What is the #Eval4Action Commitment Drive? The #Eval4Action Commitment Drive took place from 19 to 23 October 2020 on Twitter. Currently, 133 commitments to accelerate action for influential evaluation have been declared. While the Commitment Drive has concluded, an institutional and/or individual commitment to action for influential evaluation can be made at any time by posting a commitment video on Twitter. Find out how you can make a commitment video and post it on Twitter. Read a brief analysis of the commitments. The commitments can also be viewed on the Eval4Action YouTube channel. As a follow up to the #Eval4Action Commitment Drive, a Walk the Talk drive will take place in October 2021. How you can commit Why did Eval4Action undertake a Commitment Drive? Public declaration of commitments to action by Eval4Action partners and beyond, will pave the way for stronger national and regional advocacy for evaluation capacities and policies. It will enhance cooperation among partners, and further promote the use of evaluations in Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) and in national and local decision-making, accelerating the implementation of the SDGs. In this way, the Commitment Drive amplifies phase 3 of the Eval4Action campaign that seeks to intensify evaluation advocacy at national, regional and global levels. global commitments asia pacific commitments africa commitments middle east and north africa commitments europe commitments north america commitments latin america and the caribbean commitments additional commitments EvalGender+ EDI Global Réseau Francophone de l'Evaluation IDinsight EvalGender Mexico CES-SCÉ Chris Lysy Afrihealth CSO Network International Research Foundation CREAT TOGO Evaluation Society of Kenya SDG Nigeria Knowledge Hub The Nigerian Association of Evaluators EvalYemen Pakistan Evaluation Association Dana Wandzer Rakesh Mohan Ellen Cochrane Catherine Grace Kelly Dr. Uzo Adirieje Foundation Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje Lao Abalo Badjo Leonard Yosi Adiga Sîm-Yassah Awilêlo Badjo Dr. Emily Bradfield The Society for Conservation and Sustainability of Energy and Environment in Nigeria Moses Oyagi Serge Eric Yakeu, Co-chair, EvalIndigenous

  • Partners | Eval4Action

    partners Express your interest to join the campaign by writing to , and by filling in this form . Eval4Action is co-led by UNFPA Evaluation Office, EvalYouth Global Network and Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation International partners National partners Other organisations

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