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  • Eval4Action Newsletter #38

    Read updates on the campaign activities and news from partners around the world. If you would like to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox, sign up to receive Eval4Action updates here. As an individual advocate or a partner network, if you have news or information to share with the Eval4Action community, please write to

  • The role of EvalYouth in shaping evaluation governance: overcoming challenges

    By Miriam Ordoñez EvalYouth LAC Summary When faced with the complexity of evaluating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, governance is the best way to mobilize the participation, resources, and knowledge of multiple stakeholders. EvalYouth chapters bring together young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) to promote their own professional development. As such, through their voluntary action, they have a more relevant role than is commonly recognized in shaping the governance of the evaluation ecosystem. However, encouraging the participation and self-organization of YEEs is a goal that should not be underestimated, as it entails multiple challenges. Understanding the personal motivations of YEEs is key to this end, but so is a democratic context that promotes their participation. In 2017, I joined a voluntary organization of professional evaluators (VOPEs) for the first time. I was just starting out in the evaluation field and hoping to make connections with the evaluation community in Mexico. Almost immediately after I became a member of the VOPE, the organization’s leaders decided to manage the volunteer work around various thematic initiatives, including EvalYouth. Together with other young evaluators who, like me, were interested in strengthening our capacities, we founded EvalYouthMx [1]. A couple of years later I found myself leading the EvalYouthLAC initiative, and now it is clear to me that VOPEs and initiatives are part of a far-reaching institutional and normative architecture. Instigated by the designation of 2015 as the ‘Year of Evaluation’, and the setting of the first Global Evaluation Agenda to raise the voices of evaluators in the same year, participation in evaluation and the use of evaluation results to identify key focus areas to achieve the desired goals has been growing in prominence within this architecture. The Global Evaluation Agenda promotes a positive enabling environment for evaluation and evidence-based policymaking advocacy. This means collective action among multiple governmental and non-governmental actors to promote a culture of collaboration; influence the creation of sound policies and the allocation of public resources; strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems; innovate new approaches and methodologies; and insist on the professionalization of evaluators. This is why evaluating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is, above all, about governance. Governance can be understood as both a means and an end (Monkelbann, 2019). An end, because countries are primarily responsible for achieving the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, and it is essential that they make progress in strengthening the capacities of their institutions to ensure accountability and transparency, and in forging participatory societies that demand accountability for development results through evaluation. Faced with the complexity of achieving sustainable development, all forms of collaboration count, and voluntary work carried out by EvalYouth chapters has a relevant role in increasing the involvement of youth in the promotion of evaluation. Additionally, governance demands the revitalization of multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development (SDG 17). According to the 2030 Agenda, these partnerships should share knowledge, resources, and innovations for the achievement of the SDGs. Faced with the complexity of achieving sustainable development, all forms of collaboration count, and voluntary work carried out by EvalYouth chapters has a relevant role in increasing the involvement of youth in the promotion of evaluation as a means of promoting transparency and accountability in development policies. They also bring together and make positive use of the volunteer work of YEEs to further their own professional development and leadership in the evaluation ecosystem. In addition, the creation and sustainability of EvalYouth chapters is an exercise in network governance. However, encouraging the participation and self-organization of young evaluators is a goal that should not be underestimated, as it entails multiple challenges. Some reflections, in the context of the EvalYothLAC experience, are outlined below. 1. YEEs initiatives are spaces that contribute to reducing institutional disaffection (Torcal, 2006) among young people According to the University of Cambridge, young people in Latin America currently experience two phenomena: the first is democratic apathy; that is, scepticism about institutions and a low interest in getting involved in politics. The second is democratic antipathy, which is generated when there is a systematic exclusion of youth and the violation of their rights by the state. [2] This provokes a rejection of democracies, especially when they are living in unstable political regimes, whose institutions do not encourage youth development and participation. Considering the challenges currently faced by Latin American democracies, EvalYouth initiatives are spaces in which values of good governance, such as citizen participation, and transparent and accountable institutions, are promoted. Thus, YEE networks can contribute directly or indirectly to diminishing youth apathy and democratic antipathy. 2. YEE chapters represent a network governance challenge in themselves Sustainable development issues are complex, and often beyond the capacity of individual states. The active involvement of non-governmental actors is fundamental to making progress in tackling global challenges. The ideal of network governance is horizontal government, which functions particularly through self-organization and inter-organization among diverse actors and citizens. 3. Coordination and involvement of young people Young people are not typically taught how to coordinate themselves to solve public problems, much less how to get involved in voluntary initiatives. EvalYouth chapters provide a platform for young individuals to exercise their rights to free association and citizen participation. 4. Challenges of self-organization YEE chapters face challenges related to self-organization and collaboration with other actors in the evaluation ecosystem, such as VOPEs, international organizations and even governmental actors. Endogenously, the capacities of members to coordinate, communicate, and achieve common goals vary significantly. 5. Importance of trust and incentives Trust-building and creating incentives for voluntary participation are crucial for successful self-organization within YEE chapters. It is important to note that work within the framework of EvalYouth chapters is voluntary, and although they are coordinated by elected leaders, this does not give them a position of authority over other members of the chapters. A leader’s task is to coordinate and steer their chapter’s different aims, resources, knowledge, and efforts. To achieve this purpose, self-organization is crucial, but this requires weaving bonds of trust and creating incentives to encourage voluntary participation. Governance is continuously associated with institutions, but rarely with human interactions. Yet these human interactions are indispensable for cooperation. 6. Motivation and governance for SDGs Motivation is essential to sustain the evaluation ecosystem, while governance mechanisms enable its functioning. Effective and affective governance is seen as necessary for evaluating and achieving the SDGs. EvalYouthLAC seeks to contribute to both enabling the participation of YEEs, and encouraging their self-organization towards their professionalization while supporting innovation in our practice. References Monkelbaan, J. (2019). Governance for the Sustainable Development Goals. Singapur: Springer. Torcal, M. (2006). “Desafección institucional e historia democrática en las nuevas democracias”. Revista SAAP. 2:3, agosto, pp. 591-634. Miriam Ordoñez holds a PhD in Development Studies in Latin America from the Mora Institute. For 12 years she has been a public official, professor, researcher, external consultant, and volunteer in strategic planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Currently, she co-leads the Executive Committee 2023-2025 of EvalYouth LAC which seeks the professional development of young and emerging evaluators. Reach out to her via _ [1] EvalYouth Mexico was initially formed in 2017 within the National Academy of Mexican Evaluators (ACEVAL) by Gerardo Sánchez, Daniela Dorantes, Evelyn Aguado, and me. [2] Luminate (2022). Youth and Democracy in Latin America. Retrieved from:

  • Eval4Action Newsletter #37

    Read updates on the campaign activities and news from partners around the world. If you would like to receive the newsletter directly in your inbox, sign up to receive Eval4Action updates here. As an individual advocate or a partner network, if you have news or information to share with the Eval4Action community, please write to

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  • Partners | Eval4Action

    partners Express your interest to join the campaign by writing to , and by filling in this form . Eval4Action is co-led by UNFPA Evaluation Office, EvalYouth Global Network and Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation International partners National partners Other organisations

  • Home | Eval4Action campaign to accelerate progress on the SDGs

    influential evaluation. better decisions. better results. better policies. get involved Standards for enhancing meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation Tailored standards for academia, governments, international organizations, the private sector, VOPEs and youth organizations learn more latest Sign the manifesto Standards to enhance the meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation Express your organization's interest to use the Youth in Evaluation standards Newsletter #38 #Eval4Action Subscribe The role of EvalYouth in shaping evaluation governance by Miriam Ordoñez #Eval4Action is a SDG Good Practice events tracker Datawrapper

  • Youth in Evaluation | Eval4Action

    A call to action to meaningfully engage youth and young evaluators in evaluation The ‘Youth in Evaluation’ initiative urges the global evaluation community to commit to concrete action towards long-term, sustainable and meaningful engagement of youth and young and emerging evaluators in evaluation. ​ Real and meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation provides an unparalleled opportunity to make development programmes responsive to the needs and demands of the youth. It raises youth voices and agency in evaluation, making evaluation a transformative force for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development. A call to action to join Youth in Evaluation Celebrating Youth in Evaluation event, 23 May 2022 Youth in Evaluation invites individuals and institutions, including governments, parliamentarians, VOPEs, United Nations agencies, evaluators, academia, private sector, and the development sector at large, to adopt a manifesto (by signing it below) to advance meaningful youth engagement in evaluation. ​ Youth in Evaluation celebrations on 23 May 2022, marked the global launch of the manifesto and was attended by over 400 people. On 30 May 2022, the initiative was launched in North America . Today the Youth in Evaluation manifesto has over 800 signatories (organizations and individuals). The agencies supporting this initiative include the ILO Evaluation Office, UNDP IEO, UNFPA Evaluation Office, World Bank IEG, Independent Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank, Independent Development Evaluation of the African Development Bank, and the CLEAR Centers for Francophone Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South Asia, Government of India, Government of Kenya, among others. Building on this global momentum, standards to enhance meaningful youth engagement in evaluation were co-created through intergenerational dialogues. The standards will support the implementation of the commitments in the manifesto by improving accountability and practice on engaging youth in evaluation. A 5-day Youth in Evaluation week took place from 24 to 28 April 2023. Details ​ FAQ Communications pack Manifesto to meaningfully engage youth and young evaluators in evaluation ARABIC ENGLISH FRENCH RUSSIAN SPANISH SWAHILI Manifesto in languages Sign the manifesto Be a champion for Youth in Evaluation I commit My office/department commits My organization commits Full name Organization/affiliation Email Submit You're a champion! Sign the manifesto Champions for Youth in Evaluation Organizations/offices ACEVAL AC Acthub for Sustainable Development Foundation Abs Development Organization for Women and Child الجمعية الموريتانية للتنمية والبحث والمتابعة ADRES Afghan Evaluation Society (AfES) AfrEA YEE Network African Initiative for Development Evaluation ​African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) Afrihealth Optonet Association (AHOA) AfriYAN Horn of Africa - Somalia Agulhas Applied Knowledge Almaa Organization American Evaluation Association APEM APROEVAL Ar-mel Thinktank Ashoka Italia Asia Pacific Communications Hub Asia Pacific Evaluation Association Asian Development Bank Association for Evaluation and Social Survey (AssESS) Association Marocaine de l'Evaluation (AME) Asociación Innicia I+D Social y Colaborativo AYONECC Azad India Foundation Bangladesh Evaluation Society Bogson Group Brazilian Monitoring and Evaluation Network Cameroon Association of English Speaking Evaluators Cameroon Case Competition Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund Care Best Initiative (CBI), Nigeria Caribbean Evaluators International Castro de la Torre Consultores Asociados SAC Cathexis Consulting Catholic Relief Services CCN-Rwanda Center for Evaluation, Sri Jayewardenepura University Christian Initiative for Nation Building CIRED, Virginia Tech Centre for Media Studies, India ChildFund PNG Civil Society Strategy Group on SDGs (Nigeria) CLEAR AA CLEAR FA CLEAR LAC CLEAR South Asia Cognos International LLC Comisión de Participación Juvenil del CONSEPP Conseil National de la Jeunesse du Togo Cuidemos La Tierra SPA DEval ENABLRS Inc. Ernst & Young Mongolia Audit LLC EvalPartners Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University Evaluation Community of India (ECOI) EvalMENA EvalVijana EvalYemen EvalYouth Afghanistan EvalYouth Argentina ​EvalYouth Asia EvalYouth Bhutan EvalYouth Bolivia EvalYouth Brasil EvalYouth Costa Rica EvalYouth Côte d'Ivoire EvalYouth ECA EvalYouth Global Network EvalYouth India EvalYouth Indonesia EvalYouth LAC EvalYouth MENA EvalYouth México EvalYouth Mongolia EvalYouth North America EvalYouth Pakistan EvalYouth Perú EvalYouth Spain EvalYouth Sri Lanka Ewatone Youth Organization FGV EESP Clear FIACU FinSight Corp LLC Focelac+ Fodman International Ltd Uganda Força Meninas Frontline Development Services Consulting GCAP Sri Lanka German Evaluation Society (DeGEval e.V.) GISR Institution for Survey Research Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund Global Creative Hub Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation Grenier pour le Développement Intégré au Bushi hera - right to health and development HIRED Consult iGov Africa ILO Evaluation Office InSites Institut Le Baromètre Instituto de Meio Ambiente do Município de Itapipoca Intl Peace Forum for Creativity and Peaceful Coexistence International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation International Research Foundation Inter-regional Initiative for Professionalization for Evaluation IOCE Islamia University of Bahawalpur Ivorian Initiative for Evaluation (2IEval) JEEunes JESPD Kenya Medical Supplies Authority LEP Development Consultancy, Zimbabwe Lida Africa Lifeflight Fiji Khulisa Management Services Melbourne Microfinance Initiative MENA peace building and development forum MIDEPLAN - Costa Rica Migori county government Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía (Costa Rica) MLSE LaunchPad Mongolian Evaluation Association Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Kenya Movement for Youth Development, Ghana Mutua The National Union of Moroccan Students NEDUCHUKS Multi-Business Concept NFDHR ​Nigerian Association of Evaluators (NAE) Nigeria Youth SDGs Network Nimbalu Baykat NODDA ONG CADI-TOGO OPHCD P2p+ Español Pakistan Evaluation Association Parliamentarians for Climate Participation People Peer wellness Ghana Red Guatemalteca de Monitoreo y Evaluación (REGUAME) Red hondureña de evaluación RedEval Costa Rica REDMEBOL RedM&E, Mexico Réseau francophone de l'évaluation Réseau Ivoirien des Evaluateurs Émergeants Revidere-DFK Rise to Inspire Africa Initiative RoSE -Romanian Society of Evaluators People's Health Movement Tanzania (PHM Tanzania) ReLAC Sambodhi Research and Communications SDG Brigade India SDG Children's Parliament of Sri Lanka SDG Youth Network of Sri Lanka Secretaría Nacional de Planificación (SNP) - Ecuador Sierra World Of Experience Solutions for the Planet SUNFO Global Federation Sustainable Development Council Sri Lanka Evaluation Association Sri Lanka Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation Three Hive Consulting Town Crier Initiative Africa Trippinz Care INC تمدين شباب UNFPA Evaluation Office United Mongolia Expert LLC Utilization-Focused Blue Marble Evaluation Women Who Can Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Organization World Bank, Independent Evaluation Group World Evaluation Case Competition Youth Champions for SDGs Kenya Young and Emerging Evaluators, Ghana Youth Building The Future Global Youth With out Borders Organization for Development YOUTHinc Zimbabwe Evaluation Association Individuals Aadesh Srivastava Abenigo Balesh Pokor Abderrahim Moulat Abdullah Abduljalil Al Salami Abdullah Abduljalil Naji Alsalami Abdullahi Ibrahim Abdul Hameed Naje Abdul Hameed Sabeen Sharic Abdulkadir Muhammad Tsanni Abel Gbala Ablaye Gaye Abhishek Bhosale Aboh Angaba Anyangwe Abubakar Metcho Adebayo Wale Clement Adékin Ayenan Adeleke Hugues Armel Oguniyi Adnan AL-Solmi Adoumbe Adrian Montero Afdal Ali-Madjaye Afo-Loko Fousséna Agbor Frankline Ojong Aghnaj Ali Agnoro Maliki Agustina Baigorria Ahmad Murtaza Baddr Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ameen A kara Wagu a Akash Roy Akhyerkye Danigal Akindes A. H. Raoul Akram Thua lfaqar Alsarory Alain N'Ghauran Alberto López Aldo Ajuria Galeazzi Alejandra Elena Zapata Alejandro Flores Espinosa Alejandra Lucero Alexander Parra Alexsia Daniza Florindez Serrano Alfa Essodong Alicia Shepherd Allison L. Titcomb Alogoudor Kodjo Dodji Aloor Chinmaya Sai Ganesh Amal elm Amanda Sutter Amanda Valenzuela Amanoudo Romuald Igor Amber D Freudenberger Ameera Zain Saeed Ba-Fadhel Ameh Linus Owoicho Amerika Samuel Camarade Amewou Koffivi Sylvain Aminu Abdulkarim Amol Shaila Suresh Amna Habiba Amr Mohammed Ahmed Ali Ana Diogo Ana Erika Lareza Ana Fitzsimmons Ana Karbabian Ana Micaela Guevara Cajias Anarmaa Baatar Andi Litiana Davila Talemaimaleya Andrea López Aranda Andrew Namisikha Anemarie Ioana Gasser Angela Mugo Angeline Wanja Njue Anis Ben Brik Ann Gillard Anna Nkeki Anne Mutuku Annie Rose Barber Anthony Fernandes Anshika Katara Aqilla Izzi Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Akinsanya Ariyaretnam Ariyasuthan Arun Senchuri Asheadzi Yusuf-Wasuku Aura Salinas Auréole Nguemezi Nganhyim Avirmed Khongorzul Awuor Ponge Aya Likita Ayadi Mishra Ayebesa Shilton Ayenan Salem Mihindeou Ayuba Haruna Bwala Baasanbat Baterdene Badamtsetseg Nyamsuren Baigalizul Nasanbat Bakori Marbian Nkawa Bala Yusuf Yunusa Baljinnyam Chinzorigt Bamba Makoura Bárbara Lam as Barbara Temo Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat Batbayar Tsetsegbadam Batbileg Bat-Ireedui Batmunkh Myagmardorj Batnasan Bolormaa Bayantsagaan Otgon-Erdene Bayarbayasgalan Turbat Beatriz Almeida da Silva Beatriz Michelle Ramírez Pérez Bekele Belayihun Bel Spagnoletti Belay Weldemicheal Belita Nguluwe Bemadjingar Prosper Bernice Gnanguenon Beverley Chinyama Beverly Parsons Bhaskar B. Bianca Montrosse Moorhead Binur Urtnasan Biswajit Pradhan Blessed Katema Bolor Nyam-Otgon Boubellouta Mehdi Boukari Oumou Aïmanou Boscow Okumu Bradlie Nabours Brandon M Cirillo Brian Batayeh Brou Adjoua Madeleine Bryan Budzi Divine Ngeh Bulgan Amarbayar Bushra Muhammed Mahdi Al-Shalali Caleb A. Pichardo Candide Tamahado Carla Carrión Carlos Cuesta Henche Carlos Frías Carlos Javier Rodriguez Cuellar Carolina Picado Pomarth Carlos Ricardo Aguilar Astorga Carmen Nava Aguilar Carolina Turano Cassandra Lee Backman Catherine Sambo Celline Nthenya Chabi Marouf Imorou Chad T. Green Chalsey Christina Ashlyn Gill Anthony Charles Warria Chathuranga Hasithi Samarasinghe ​Cheick Oumar Toure Cheikh Yade Chere Watson Cherisma Rajaratnam Chime Chinonso Simon Chloé Sautereau Chris Ouma Christabel Mwango Christian Soledad Ortiz Chacha Christian Velásquez Christine Ngima Maina Christopher Morris Chukwudi Egwuagu Ciku Kariuki Cintia Carla Campos de Oliveira Claudia Olavarria Claudia Pereira Domingues Clotilda Nalonja Collin Oryem Comfort Aniekan Akpabio Corrie Whitmore Cristela Berenice Escamilla Cyrille Gouton Dada Kossiwa Kafui Dalila Mendoza Aguilar Damdinsuren Temuujin Dana Reva Danfulani Wasanmaza Buda Daniela Alejandra Rivera Aliaga Daniela Miranda Prado Darlene Garcia Torres Davaajargal Javkhlanbaatar Davaatseren Sumiyabazar David Buetti David Guerrero David Maxime Logbon David Thomas Davison Marenga Deena AbdulAziz Ahmed Alsalami ​ Deborah McWhinney Demanou Nanfack Ghislain Dennis Hood Dev Ruhee Deyra de la Torre Dhammika Priyanthi Peiris Diana González Velásquez Diana Zazueta Pozos Diatta Camara Diego Manrique Dilane Kamdeu Kadji Doğukan Doğu Dominique Lawson Donald Njelesani Dorothy Mae Albiento Dorothy Seyyida Duaa Moslem Dulmina Chamathkara Edna Kwatlhai Eduardo Gomez Rivero Ekram Hayder Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ejibunu Adedoyin El Habib Bounhar Elías Mateo Chaves Hernandez Eliackim Muhoza Elimi Liardon Elizabeth Kollmann Elza Dabaeva Eman Eman Arabyat Emanga Abwe Epse Pokah Emanga Potkah Emanuel Blanca Moya Emeka Nwankwo Emili Sankwa Emily You Emmanuel Houessou Emmanuel Mambwe Mwewa Emmanuel Nazarit Cortes Emmanuel Odanye Enkhjin Natsagdorj Enkhjin Unurmaa Ennie Flora Gatsi Erdenebat Otgonchimeg Erdenebileg Sainjargal Erdenechimeg Ulziisuren Erdenechuluun Ulziijargal Erdenesaikhan Tumentsetseg Ernest Ironsa Magayane Ernest Moyo Esdras Obossou Esmeralda Lervasi Esteban Dupre Esteban Tapella Fabandian Fofana Fabio Bezerra Fabiola Amariles Erazo Fabiola Berrocal Ramírez Farhan Yusuf Faris Alselmo Faris Alsolmi Farnaz Khan Farrah Álvarez Faruk Igbebi Yahaya Fatou Sarr Fatima Abba Baba Fauziyya Abubakar Sadiq Favour Habila Fernanda Pinheiro Sequeira Florence Etta Freda Yamorti Gbande Fodjo Yetgang Airy Barrière Gabriel Keney Gabriela Jeannet Reyes Garcia Gabriela Rentería Flores Galbadrakh Erdenetsogt Gana Pati Ojha Ganbat Badmaa Gerald 'Ge' Ygay Gerardo Sánchez Romero Gereltsetseg Adiya Gereltuya Zorigtbaatar Ghanim Abdullah Mohammed Robaq Ghislain Tomenou Ghizlane Khammal Gift Mtaisi Gildas Lamega Gladness Kampa Godwill Zulu Godwin Kwaghngee Gordon Otieno Wanzare Grace Igweta Gretchen Biesecker Guillaume A. D. Manga Guillermo Aldair Villegas Fuentes Hadja N'Sira Balde Hamadou H. Abdoul-Aziz Hamdy Baba Cheikh Haminatou Coulibaly Hamzah Altargmy Hanadi Abdelraheim Hannah Alfred Buba Hanningtone Imbukule Isiaho Hasnain Sajjad Hauwau Salele Abubakar Henry Henry Alagbua Henry Nyanaro Herbert Ngamije Hicham Daoudi Hihetah Komi Hossam labib shaif lsmail Houdou Souley Abdoul Kader Hounsah Louis Hurelbaatar Nyamkhishig Hussam Belal Ahmed Dabwan Hyejun Kim Hynstein Niyonzima Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Kaingui Dari Idowu Ajiboye Itgemjit Gankhuyag Imad Ahmad Haroon Imorou Chabi Marouf Inam Ul Haq Isabella Romano Issack Dika Amin Ivan Dunduro Ivan G. Somlai Jacinto Leonardo Sefu Jackaroy Jonathan Randrianja Jafreen Alamgir Jalal Jamal Mohammed Alrahabi Jana Fredricks Janeth Jackson Mathia Janet Joe Jared Ronoh Kipkoech Jasmim Gehlen Madueno Jatsee Arrocha Javed Saad Jayami Alwis Jean Bosco Ndongo Bihina Jean De Dieu Bizimana Jean-Jacques N'gbaramou Jean Sewanou Jerson Alfredo Aguilar Valencia Jessica Collura Jessica Joelle Sindayihebura Jéssica Sbroglia Jesus Roberto Hernandez Juarez Jigme Sonam João Brayam Rodrigues de Freitas Joël Omenguele John Aggrey John Oluwafemi Olla Jorge Enrique Zavala Delgado José Miguel Fierros Ramírez Jose Rigoberto Rosales Perez Josepine Zingani Joshua Kiruhia Joshua Oliyo Josiah Imbayi Mukoya Juan Carlos Galindo Olivares Juan Carlos Martínez Andrade Juan Carlos Miguel Camacho Juan Fernando Bucheli Juan Pablo Castillo Santander Juliana Cristofani Juliana Sofía Riaño Sánchez Julieta Pappano Justice Ellis Eyo Jutta Blauert Kabagambe Zack Kabir Hashim Kaboré Prosper Kalpani Perera Kambo Martial Atse Karen Azucena Hernández González ​ Karen Cadondon Karen Italia Ruiz López Karen Ojeda Rodriguez Kari Greene Karinate Cyril-Egware Kasi Allen Katherine A Tibbetts Katherine Sarmiento Viena Katia Alexandra Valoyes Ruiz Katie Winters Kehinde Blessing Tola Kerry Albright Khadija Yahaya Muhammad Khalid Sharifi Khalil Dewan Khaserdene Chuluunbat Khongorzul Bekhbat Khongorzul Munkhbat Khunlegsaikhan Narangerel Kingson Ladouceur Kinya Nina Kobasia Maseela Kodzo Jean Agboka Koffi Dieu-donné Kiti Komivi Narcisse KOTIKO ​ Kone Abdramane Kotuob-Naoto Alves Koua Aka Guillaume Kouakou koffi Clavaire Arnold Kougblenou G. F. do Capio Vianio Kouman Elisee Kristin Kennedy Kudakwashe Godfrey Chakabva La San Aung Landry Djibou Laras Salsabila Laura González Lavinia Plataroti Lawani Honore Lawson Etrou Téyi Ziko Lea Corsetti Leonard Yosi Lexis Manzara Lian Xiaoxi Liliana Cabrera Olaya Linda Maria Lal Linda Kpormone Ntsiful Lindokuhle Sibiya Lontum Alvin N Lori-Ann Willis Lucky Iseghehi Lukwiya Benard Osteen Luthecia Harimisa Andrianarivo Lydiane Josepha Mbia Lyness Chancelin Tchouateu مناف سعيد أحمد دحروج M. Suchira Suranga M. Thilakarajah Madina Sharafutdinova Mabel Andrade Maguidala-Usman M. Bedar II Maha Salman Mahamadou Coulibaly Mahmoud Mohamed Al Halmi Maida Noor Malka Elkin Mamman Nur Abubakar Mariame Niamassoumou Marcia Paterno Joppert Marco Lorenzoni Margery Bautista Maria Montenegro María José Soler Fraile María Pía Montero Jiménez Marion Lootu Marisol Vidal Pimentel Mark John Mark Nzioka Mulobi Mariluz Salgado Torres Maroua Ameziane Mary Isabel Olivera Gutiérrez Mary Mbiti Maurice Mando Mayantha Dissanayake Mayte Jimena Berrocal Alcántara Md. Nuruzzaman Md Suman Miah Melissa Berjes Mendbayar Budee Messan Komi Adjaho Michael A. Pastor Michael Angelo R. Pereira Michael Obrecht Michael Ojo Michael Quinn Patton Michée Sagara Miguel Camacho Mikaela Bianca Musa Miluzka Elizabeth Garay Rodríguez Milton Alexis Castillo Bazaes Min Kyungsoo Mine Pabari Miriam Ordoñez Miguel Angel Arciénega Avilés Miquel Bono Mishi Ghuman Modeste Awe Baina Mohamed Edabbar ‪Mohamed Kanjaa Mohammed Mohammed Kudu‬‏ Mohamed Osama El-tayeb Mohammed Gazali Salifu Mohammed Suhuyini Zakaria Mojoyinife Akin-Oluyomi Mokete Khobotle Monica Ruiz-Casares Morfilia Rene Llapapasca Criollo Moro Gwladys Roselyne Moussa Sacko Moutii Amine Mridula Kapil Bhargava Mudher Ali Al-nuaimi Mutahar Hezam Muhammad Nuruzzaman Mulatu Wubu Bayafers Munkhchimeg Erdenebileg Munkhjin Batbayar Myagmartsermaa Delgersaikhan Nachuuma Kaliba Najatfzzahrae Rachdi Namou Nana Nkouanou Mbabo Nancy Black Nancy Miriam Morales Rodriguez ​Nanzira Jane Nashwan Ahmed Nasir Baloch Nataly Salas Rodríguez Nayely Ojeda Camacho Nayibe Castro Novoa Nazir Ul Haq Ndomo Diaw Ndriakita Solonionjanirina Neeraj Kumar Sharma Nehal Ali Nenya Díaz Ngamije Herbert Ngwainmbi Desmon Nicole Chen Njumanuh Constance Ayongho Nomuunaa Purevjargal Noura Ali Noura Lotaibi Noyem Uddin Nsanshya Faith Chilupula Nzanzu Mulimirwa Philemon Nyamdavaa Tserenchimed Nyamsuvd Battulga O. O. Gideon Ochanya Okoh Ogbonna G. Okpuna Ogene Ogbodo Jude Sunday Oguniyi Adéléké Hugues Armel Okeke Onyedikachi Joshua Oluwa Enitan Sophie Oluwajuwon lo Afolabi Oluwanishola Hannah Taiwo Oluwapamilerin Victoria Oluwajuyigbe Oluwasegun Ojo Oluwatomiwa Ande Oluwatosin Ayinde Omar Ayoub Omar Diedhiou Omary Mwalimu Ally Onobuvwerigho Okeoghene Gif Oroumon Ogoua Ouedraogo Boubacar Sidiki Oyundalai Odkhuu Oyuntsetseg Chuluundorj Pablo Álvarez Monthiel Pablo José González Méndez Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella Pablo Vidueira Pafourmi Kazimir Guy Pamela Drake Papa Ada Seck Parker Richmond Patricia Cristina Caceres Soto Paul Andrew Gono Pawan Rana Magar Perla Primavera Luis González Peter Mwandri Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Phuntsho Choden Polite Nduru Poutong Sipeuhou Rocard Precious Isaac Prima Interparez Punya Lakmini Qing Ren Rachael Okoronkwo Rajesh Yadav Rajib Nandi Rajini Menon Rama Rao Darapuneni Ramprasad V Rana Tawfik Randika Lawson De Mel Raouf Ben Haj Khalifa Ravi Verma Rawan Hammoud Rebeca Saray Lara Benavides Rebekah Davis Renato Palumbo Rho Mileva Opaon Richard Oladipo Richmond Konam Richmond Konan Rita Carolina de Oliveira ​ Rita Magawa Rodrick S Mandibatsira Rodrigue Owoumbou Roger Angouono-Moke Ronny Kevin Fomete Djatsa Rosa María Flores Rodríguez Rowena Ndakwe Rugiyatu Kane ​ Rumal Vindula Rumbidza Tizora Rumbidzai Gillian Mandioma Rumbidzo Andrea Mundangepfupfu Russell Loko Ruth Momanyi Ruvimbo Edlyne Mazambani Sabine McKenzie Safieh Shah Salah Eddine Bouyousfi Saleem Shaban Gehadi Hassan Sam Rex Sagoe Babo Samadhi Anuradha Perera Samaher Al Hadheri Samandar Mahmodi Samuel Udeme Samukelisiwe Mkhize ​ Sana Ahmed Saif Sana Ben Salem Sandra Mangiante Sandra Pamela Zegarra Rivero Sandra Zegarra Sanfo Naomi Sanjay Banka Sansar Shrestha Santosh Aryal Sara Zoghbi Saruultugs Tumurbat Scoffy Ndi Wangang Scott Chaplowe Sebastian Codas Seember Ishuh Sefiamenou Yao Sessi Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam Seta Menu Shainul Bhanji Shamsudiin Abdirahman Dahir Sharon Cherono Shaymaa Kadry Shelby Corley Shrikant Gheesing Shyam Singh Siby Mouhamadou Sidhi Sareen Siilen Munkhkhuyag Sikhanyisiwe Mlotshwa Silla Moyabi Silvana Rufail Silvia Salinas Sim-Yassah Awilêlo Abdjo Sodnomdarjaa Anand Solomon Abrha Welegebrial Sonny Mokganyetje Motlanthe Sonal Zaveri Soria Horn Sossou Teko Sserwadda Gideon Stanley Thomas Capela Stephan Paulsen Stephanie Bishop Stephen Olushola Oladepo Stephen Mawejje Steven Adeboye Steven William Mumford Subhasish Bhattacharjee Subhashree Pattanayak Sudhir Joshi Sumera Ayub Sunday Alagba Obazi Supreme Edwin Asare Supun Sandanayaka Susana Guevara Syed Maroof Ali Tahirah David Tahoura Safari Tooj Tamara Kabysh-Rybalka Tania Mazonde Taruna Gupta Tashi Dendup Tashi Duba Tashi Choden Tashi Tenzign Tashi Wangmo Tatiana Mindru Taye Ademusire Taylor B. Anderson Tayná Mendes Tchouateu Lyness Chancelin Teddy Everton Igori Tenzin Dorji Teodoro Clavijio Ordoñez Thomas Archibald Thomas David Theodore Theoharis Théodore Tohouenou Tiley Farida Timothy Lubanga Tindamanyire Dickson Titus Mokaya Tocqueville Wuo Dolo Tolulope P. Akinbobola Tony Okello Tordina Djafssia Sylvain Trang Dao Tuguldur Purevdorj Tumenbayar Monkhuul Tumursukh Bayaraa Tungalag Tsogbat Tuvdenosor Batbayar Tuwilika Elias Trang Dao Trisa Rembonita Uche Onyx Ekwugha Ulziiburen Nyamjargal Uriel Torres Usman Mustafa Usukhbayar Mendbayar Usukhjargal Damdinsuren Uugantsetseg Gonchigdorj Uyanga Nyamdorj Uyen Altanpurev Uyen Kim Huynh Uzodinma Adirieje Valentine Sama Valeria Blanco Manzano Valeria Saiu Vennila Thevarajah Victor Akampa Victor Balogun Victoria Olumese Victoria Oyiza Samuel Virgil Pamfil W.A. Deshapriya S. Wijetunge Walid Matouk Walther Ramella Toguem Deffo Will Jamieson William Faulkner William Stebbins Wisdom Ndzinu Wolfgang Meyer Ximena Teresa Yanaguaya Yamen Tannineh Yasmine Moustafa Yatin Diwakar Yogesh P Yoseph Nigussie Feleke Yovo Expédit Tchigo Zach Tilton Zanna Abdulsalam Abubakar Zethu Mhlongo Ziad Moussa Zinab mahmoud Al-Ariqi Zipporah Gathiti Zola Ndonita Zoljargal Enkhtaivan Zolzaya Batjargal

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