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A Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs by 2030

The year 2020 is critical to galvanize urgent and scaled-up actions to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on time. The United Nations Secretary-General has issued a global call for a Decade of Action to mobilize everyone everywhere, demand urgency and ambition, and supercharge ideas to solutions.

The Eval4Action campaign

Aligned to the Decade of Action, the Decade of EVALUATION for action, also known as the Eval4Action campaign, seeks to promote widespread recognition on evaluation being critical to, and a key accelerator for achieving the global goals. It will mobilize commitments by different stakeholders - parliaments, governments, evaluation associations - to invest in stronger evaluation systems to inform public policies, ensuring no one is left behind. 


Strong evaluation capacities are critical to accelerate progress of national development strategies. Without systems to assess whether development interventions are relevant, sustainable and achieving equitable results, too many people will continue to be left behind. There have been many gains in national evaluation capacities, but it is not advancing at the speed or scale required to reach the SDGs. A large majority of Voluntary National Reviews presented at previous High-level Political Forum also reveal lack of evaluative evidence, with limited mention of evaluation.

Working as a catalyst, Eval4Action will revitalize global engagement and commitment on national evaluation capacities for timely delivery of SDGs. Core to the campaign, is the meaningful engagement of young and emerging evaluators to drive sustainable development at all levels. In its intent and design, Eval4Action is envisaged as a highly inclusive campaign that is led by the civil society in achievement of these objectives, with global coordination and support by the co-leaders.

A global coalition is needed to address the gaps in evaluation, to ensure we all reach the SDGs together. The time for accelerated and coordinated action and dedicated outreach on evaluation systems and capacities is now.

For more information, refer to the campaign concept note, presentation and engagement plan.

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