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Co-creating Asia Pacific regional evaluation strategy for the SDGs

The first Eval4Action regional consultation took place in the Asia Pacific region on 25 June 2020. This interactive event with over 170 participants led to rich discussions on actions required to strengthen evaluation in the region towards the achievement of the SDGs.

As a follow up to the consultation, Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA), EvalYouth Asia and the Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation established a committee and an advisory group to develop a Regional Evaluation Strategy based on inputs received at the consultation. The committee includes VOPEs, young and emerging evaluators, parliamentarians, evaluation network leaders, business community and development partners.

The committee further engaged with stakeholders and potential partners to co-create the draft Regional Evaluation Strategy around eight themes. The eight themes are:

  1. Professionalizing evaluation

  2. Building partnerships to strengthen evaluation capacity

  3. Strengthen community engagement in evaluation

  4. Promoting Young and Emerging Evaluators

  5. Strengthening VOPEs

  6. Engaging parliamentarians for demand and use of evaluation

  7. Promoting national evaluation policies and systems

  8. Using evaluation in reporting of SDGs

The draft Strategy will be presented to stakeholders in the region on 9 October 2020 and will be finalized with their inputs. A regional coalition will be developed to implement the Strategy to advance the evaluation agenda in the region towards the achievement of the SDGs.

If you would like to provide inputs to the draft Asia Pacific Regional Evaluation Strategy, read the flyer for more information. Register for the event here.

For further information please contact and Follow @APEAeval and @EvalyouthAsia on Twitter!

Read more about Eval4Action regional consultations here.

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