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Eval4Action sub-regional consultation in East and South East Asia

The fourth Eval4Action sub-regional consultation was held in East and South East Asia on 25 June 2021, marking one year of the launch of the Eval4Action campaign in the Asia Pacific. The consultation was organized by MONEV Studio, Indonesian Development Evaluation Community, Philippines Evaluators for Development, Mongolian Evaluation Network in partnership with Asia Pacific Evaluation Association, EvalYouth Asia, SPINE and the Asia Pacific Communication Hub.

At the consultation, eight commitments were made by evaluation stakeholders to accelerate influential evaluation. The consultation concluded with specific actions required to strengthen national evaluation capacities, such as:

  • Promote National Evaluation Policies and use of evaluation in national policy making

  • Capacity building of evaluators and governments in the region in order to conduct evaluations on the issues of national importance

  • Support the academia to develop and conduct M&E courses

  • Enhance country-led evaluations by increasing the ownership and involvement of local partners

These prioritized actions will shape the development of a sub-regional evaluation action plan.

The speakers at the event included Benedictus Dwiagus Stepantoro (Chair, InDEC), Iwan Febryanto (Head, Social Outreach and Capacity Building, MONEV Studio), Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office), Gabriela Renteria Flores (Chair, EvalYouth Global Network), Andrea Cook (Co-chair, EvalPartners) and Dorothy Mae Albiento (Co-leader, EvalYouth Asia).

This consultation, together with the sub-regional consultation in South Asia, have ushered in a new phase of evaluation advocacy in the region which is enhancing local action for influential evaluation.

For further details, watch the consultation recording.


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