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Eval4Action sub-regional consultation in South Asia

On 16 June 2021, the Eval4Action third sub-regional consultation was held in South Asia to accelerate influential evaluation to support the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This sub-regional consultation is a follow up to the Eval4Action Asia regional consultation held in June 2020. The consultation provided a platform to VOPE leaders, evaluators, parliamentarians, public officials, young and emerging evaluators and other stakeholders to discuss evaluation priorities that can support the achievement of the SDGs in South Asia.

The priorities emerging from the sub-regional consultation will input to the South Asian evaluation action plan for SDG delivery. The main priorities emerging from the consultation include:

  • Ensure timely delivery of SDGs in South Asia through robust M&E systems

  • Ensure use of evidence in Voluntary National Reviews

  • Enhance communication of evaluation results to promote the use of evaluation

  • Strengthen capacities and competencies of evaluators

The consultation was organized by the Community of Evaluators–South Asia (CoE-SA) in partnership with the Eval4Action campaign. The speakers at the event included Chelladurai Solomon (Chairperson, CoE-SA), AK Shiva Kumar (Development Economist and Policy Advisor, India), Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office), Gabriela Renteria Flores (Chair, EvalYouth Global Network), Sonal Zaveri (Board Member, CoE-SA), Jigmi Rinzin (former Member of Parliament, Bhutan) and Antony Cyriac (Deputy Director General, NITI Aayog India).

For further details, watch the sub-regional consultation recording.


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