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Eval4Action featured in #EvalCrisis podcast series

How is Eval4Action contributing to accelerate the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including during the COVID-19 crisis? How are young evaluators involved in Eval4Action? Why is it important to build national evaluation capacities to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs?

In the latest edition of the #EvalCrisis podcast, listen to Eval4Action co-leaders, Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office) and Khalil Bitar (Chair, EvalYouth Global Network), answer these questions and more.

Evaluation provides decision makers with evidence and lessons showing what solutions work and what did not work, why, for whom and under what circumstances. Decision makers should use this knowledge to inform the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and get back on track to achieve the SDGs. In this pursuit, the Eval4Action campaign invites all stakeholders to commit and advocate for influential evaluation and stronger evaluation capacities and evidence-based policies. As Marco Segone says, it is up to each of us to accelerate the realization of the SDGs.

The podcast is part of the broader Evaluation in Crisis initiative, led by EU-DEVCO and the Evaluation Support Service.


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