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Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation co-leads Eval4Action

The Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) joins UNFPA Evaluation Office and EvalYouth Global Network to co-lead the Eval4Action campaign. 

As key stakeholders in demanding for and using evaluations to inform national decision-making, parliamentarians are strategic actors in advocating for evaluation. Parliaments can allocate resources for evaluation from national budgets, establish strong national evaluation policy directions, and debate, shape and enforce evaluation-focused laws and policies that ensure the fulfillment  of citizens' human rights. This makes parliamentarians a strong leader in the campaign, that can provide strategic direction to Eval4Action to bolster its advocacy for influential evaluation towards accelerating progress toward SDGs, especially in the context of the COVID19 pandemic.

About GPFE

GPFE was launched in 2015 at the Parliament of Nepal. It seeks to advance the enabling environment for evaluation by promoting national evaluation policies and systems. GPFE is committed to the delivery of the Colombo Declaration on Evaluation signed at the EvalColombo2018, global evaluation event for parliamentarians. 


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