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Guidelines for self-assessment of Youth in Evaluation standards

Are you ready to self-assess your organization’s alignment with the Youth in Evaluation standards?

1. Follow the self-assessment guidelines available below

2. Self-assess your organization by 31 March

3. Share the report with good practices

4. Get recognized as a champion at Youth in Evaluation week 2024!


  • Step 1: Find the most relevant standards for your organization. Standards are available here for academia, governments, the private sector, international organizations, Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation and youth organizations. Each standard is accompanied by a self-assessment tool.

  • Step 2: Share and discuss the standards with the leadership/management of your organization for buy-in and endorsement.

  • Step 3: Raise awareness among colleagues in your organization on the Youth in Evaluation standards. If your organization needs assistance in identifying external resource persons for an awareness raising event, reach out to Eval4Action campaign.

  • Step 4: Initiate a dialogue within the organization on current practices in engaging youth in evaluation. A 2-3 hours pre-arranged meeting with representatives from each unit or section in the organization would be helpful.

  • Step 5: Assign a team to undertake the self-assessment and make recommendations to improve organizational practices to advance the meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation. 

  • Step 6: Conduct your self-assessment using the provided tool. Customized self-assessment forms are available with a downloadable link next to each standard on the website. Choose the relevant assessment form for your organization. 

  • Step 7: Share the self-assessment report including good practices with by 31 March. The report can include the finalized assessment form (Excel sheet) together with a slide deck that highlights good practices and progress on various dimensions. Sharing this information will facilitate cross-fertilization of knowledge among other organizations. 

Opportunity to be facilitated as a champion at Youth in Evaluation week 2024

The champions from each stakeholder group will be selected based on the self-assessment reports submitted by 31 March. The selected champions will be announced at the Youth in Evaluation week to be held from 8-12 July 2024.

For any further information or support in the self-assessment process, please reach out to


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