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Standards to enhance the meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation

Advancing Youth in Evaluation is a growing movement worldwide. With the launch of the Youth in Evaluation manifesto in May 2022, 140 organizations and 482 individuals have committed to undertake strategic and concerted efforts to build capacities of young and emerging evaluators and engage youth and young evaluators meaningfully in all stages of evaluation.

To translate this vision and commitment into reality, co-created ‘standards on enhancing meaningful youth engagement in evaluation’ will provide a roadmap to step up the practice and accountability towards engaging youth in evaluation.

The standards are organized around six dimensions: leadership and accountability; practice; advocacy and capacity development; knowledge management and communications; human resources; and financial resources. Tailored standards have been developed for specific target groups such as international agencies, VOPEs, governments, youth organizations, academia, and the private sector.

The development of the standards has been led by the respective task forces via intergenerational and inclusive consultations and dialogue. Further details on the co-creation of the standards are available in this concept note.

Everyone is invited to join the launch of the standards during the the Youth in Evaluation week in April 2023. The launch schedule is as follows:


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