Walk the Talk: From promises to action for influential evaluation

In October 2020, the #Eval4Action Commitment Drive resulted in 125 worldwide commitments to accelerate action for influential evaluation. It’s now time to showcase the delivery of these voluntary promises. As a follow up to the Commitment Drive, in October 2021, a month long Walk the Talk video drive, will take place on Twitter. The Walk the Talk drive will energize evaluation advocacy and steer global momentum to accelerate action for influential evaluation in the COVID-19 era.

The video drive is open to everyone who would like to share their action for influential evaluation. A prior commitment to action is not required to contribute a video during the drive. However, the actions captured in the Walk the Talk video must showcase actions that have already been executed and delivered to further advance influential evaluation.

The action should be communicated via a 1-minute video. There is no limit to the number of videos that can be submitted by a partner, VOPE, or an individual. For further details, please reach out to contact@eval4action.org.

Interested to record a video for Walk the Talk drive? Get a few tips.