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Youth in Evaluation standards: Lessons & action for meaningful partnership with youth in evaluation

On 7 November 2023, Eval4Action partners, youth organizations, international organizations, Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), academia, the private sector, and the evaluation community at large, convened virtually to dialogue on the use and uptake of the Youth in Evaluation standards.

The event also marked the launch of lessons from a pioneering approach by UNFPA in engaging youth in the formative evaluation of UNFPA support to adolescents and youth. Through a groundbreaking Youth Steering Committee working alongside senior evaluation professionals, this experience has been a model of innovative youth engagement in evaluation. For the first time in the United Nations system, young people were involved in the evaluation as contributors, evaluators and key informants as well as co-managers and co-decision makers. This engagement was also supported by the EvalYouth Global Network.

A publication release and film premiere on this experience fostered a broader discussion on practical and actionable strategies to apply the Youth in Evaluation standards in various contexts.

Speaker line-up


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