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6 ways to support Youth in Evaluation: Be a champion

How do we harness the potential of 1.21 billion young people in evaluation?

It begins by recognizing, including, committing and investing in Youth in Evaluation. If you are part of the global evaluation community in any way, here are 6 ways you can champion Youth in Evaluation:

1. Adopt the Youth in Evaluation manifesto

About 100 organizations and 300 people have already signed the manifesto. If you have not done so, sign the manifesto available in six languages here. Mobilize your partners and other organizations to sign it as well. Customize and use this email template to support this mobilization.

2. Implement your commitment

Whether you are an international agency, government organization, a VOPE, academic institution, youth organization, private sector institution or an NGO, take an active role in delivering your commitment to Youth in Evaluation. Start by making a plan together with your local or regional EvalYouth chapter. Launch Youth in Evaluation in your country or region in partnership with other actors.

3. Join the co-creation of standards on meaningful engagement of youth in evaluation

To support the implementation of the manifesto, standards on enhancing meaningful youth engagement in evaluation are being co-created for different stakeholder groups such as international agencies, governments, VOPEs, academia, youth organizations, private sector and NGOs. Join the relevant task force and make a contribution to developing the standards for your stakeholder group. Write to to express your interest.

4. Support Youth in Evaluation communication and outreach

Regularly spread the word on your digital channels using the communication assets available here. This includes social media materials, FAQ sheet, branding and translation guides. Use relevant international, regional and national advocacy days to advance the importance of youth in evaluation. Find the social media pack for International Youth Day here.

5. Spotlight the Youth in Evaluation logo and badge

In your communications, in conferences and meetings, on your website, on your social channels, in your email signature, use the Youth in Evaluation logo to demonstrate your support and commitment. Find all logo related resources here, including the logo in seven languages.

If you have signed the manifesto, place the received Champion badge on all your communications.

6. Break the language barrier

To spread the word on Youth in Evaluation far and wide, take the lead in translating the Youth in Evaluation manifesto and logo in local, national and regional languages. To begin, have a look at this logo translation guide. To translate the manifesto in your language, reach out to

Do you have other ideas to champion Youth in Evaluation? We invite you to join this growing movement.


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