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Eval4Action sub-regional and national consultations

As part of Eval4Action’s commitment to inclusivity and participation, the campaign has held seven regional consultations since its launch, to mobilize ideas and priorities across the world on accelerating influential evaluation. To further prioritize evaluation advocacy areas and action plans and build evaluation partnerships at the grassroots, the campaign with its partners is organizing several sub-regional consultations in 2021.

The sub-regional consultations aim to develop more specific and nuanced action plans for promoting influential evaluation in the sub-region to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals. Sub-regional consultations will be followed by national consultations to identify national priorities to enhance the evaluation capacities at various levels.

Eval4Action sub regional consultations in 2021

South Asia, 16 June 2021

Please continue to check back here as more sub-regional, thematic and national consultations are coming up. If you are interested to organize a consultation or an event to promote influential evaluation in your region and/or country, please write to


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