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Regional consultation in Latin America and the Caribbean

The third Eval4Action regional consultation will take place in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) on 1 October 2020 at 8 am (Mexico City), 10 am (Buenos Aires) and 9 am EDT. The interactive event is organized by the Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (ReLAC), EvalYouth LAC, UNFPA LACRO and FOCELAC.

The event also marks the launch of the Eval4Action campaign in LAC, following which the campaign partners will drive a participatory process to create a shared regional evaluation agenda to accelerate the achievement of SDGs in the region.

The speakers at the regional consultation include Marco Segone (Director, UNFPA Evaluation Office), Josette Arevalo (EvalYouth, Vice Chair), Silvia Salinas (ReLAC Coordinator, IOCE President), Florita Azofeifa (Evaluation Manager, MIDEPLAN) and Harold Robinson (Regional Director, UNFPA LAC).

UPDATE: Access the consultation report (En, Sp), a short article (En, Sp, Pt), infographic on the consultation (En, Sp, Pt) and its deliberations (En, Sp, Pt). The regional consultation recording is available here.

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